Each time we meet with a client, we take the time to establish a relationship. Retirement isn’t just about the money. Many important life issues and family matters are deeply intertwined with this stage of life’s journey. We can help best by understanding what matters most to you.

Our approach to retirement planning begins with a detailed Retirement Navigator report for each client, where we map out your goals and risk tolerance. Once your goals and risk guidelines have been established, we will customize solutions to suit your vision. We can then implement the solutions that fit your needs.

We address the following areas of concern in our clients' plans:

Converting retirement savings into reliable income

Protecting their money from market loss while seeking growth

Minimizing taxes

Planning legacies for children and grandchildren

Providing security for a surviving spouse

Protecting their estate from a health calamity

There are never any fees for initial consultations with Corpus Capital Management. Our goal is to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We’d never want anything like a fee to get in the way of that. That’s what trust-based practices are all about.

If our approach sounds like something you want to explore, we’d like to invite you to attend one of our retirement planning workshops. Please call us for upcoming dates and locations.


“The Retirement Navigator” radio show with Jeff & Corri Davis!

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